"I have worked with Silvia Uribe and Transil-Pro  for several years. She provided  both, simultaneous interpreting and written translation services.  I have found them to be accessible, helpful and timely. 

On several occasions I used her company to interpret into Spanish our 401(k) enrollment meetings, She also assisted me in an investigation  that I was required to conduct as well as in our open enrollment for our medical benefits.  The feedback from my Hispanic population was extremely positive, so much so, that we intend to continue using her in this capacity.

There are countless memos, policies and guidelines that I had Transil-Pro translate.  I always received them back very quickly, and more importantly, formatted and ready to issue to our employees.

The bottom line is that when I think of interpreting or translating, I think Transil-Pro. 
It’s a great company to work with."

Michael B. Kafka
Director of Human Resources
The WestPac Companies

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"The simultaneous interpreting services provided by Transil-Pro are very well received by staff in our Town Hall Meetings. We have five sessions, two of which are bi-lingual. By utilizing 
Transil-Pro, our Spanish speaking employees are able to participate fully in the round table discussions, to ask questions, and to speak up and be heard by management. We will continue to use Transil-Pro in our quarterly meetings."

Lynn A. Mayeda
Personnel Manager
Facilities Management
University of California Santa Barbara

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“Our partnership with Silvia Uribe and Transil-Pro has been an asset to our work at Just Communities.  Silvia has served as a facilitator for our bilingual Family Dialogue Program and has interpreted during various community events.  She is an exceptional facilitator and presenter, with the ability to deliver detailed, emotionally sensitive material to diverse groups and to guide rich bilingual dialogue.  Silvia is an expert at making authentic, productive communication possible between people of different cultures and languages.” .

Jarrod Schwartz, Executive Director,
Alena Marie, Program Manager 
Just Communities Central Coast

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