About Us

Our company was originally established in Mexico City in 1990. In 1993, its owner and president, Silvia Uribe (translator-interpreter and freelance writer), moved to Santa Barbara where she opened the company's U.S.A. branch. The effort proved to be successful, and in 1996 Transil Linguistic Services - Transil-Pro was up and running serving the Central Coast and the rest of the country offering translation-interpreting services.

Based on our customers' needs and requests in the year 2000 the company expanded its sphere of business, and started offering trainings directly in the employees' native language. Transil-Pro is the only company that offers this service in the area.

Because communication between companies and their customers is more important today than ever, the feedback that companies receive is taken very seriously. That is why Transil-Pro also added meeting facilitation services in the target language. Our experienced facilitators make sure that the information is communicated to both sides accurately and in a cultural sensitive manner.

In addition, we offer the following services:

- Language Services Consulting
- Editing
- Personal documents translation (i.e. birth certificates, diplomas, letters)
- One on one consecutive interpreting

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